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Microsoft Azure: Be More Productive and Get More Done

Author: Somya Pradhan

A growing, fast and efficient cloud computing platform for creating, organizing and managing apps and services. It is a collection of coalesced cloud services that include analytics, database, networking, mobile, web, computing and storage. With Microsoft Azure, you can change faster and can achieve more while saving good amount of money. If you are using this cloud platform, you can do lot more things and can be more productive. It comes integrated with useful tools, built-in templates and some managed services that make it quite simpler to develop and manage mobile, enterprise, web and IoT apps faster, by using already known technologies and skills.
This cloud computing platform and infrastructure provides two types of services: PaaS and IaaS, and supports various frameworks, programming languages, database, operating systems, devices and tools. It utilizes a specialized operating system to run its fabric layer, which is a cluster designed to manage computing and storage resources of the computers and supplies resources to various applications. This cloud platform is also defined as cloud layer, and it offers an API, which is built on REST, HTTP, and XML, consenting developers to interact with Microsoft Azure services. In addition to these, Azure comes incorporated with some other useful features.
• It uses a wide array of open and flexible platform, which means using Azure you can build back-ends for iOS, Windows and Android devices; run Linux containers with Docker integration and can build apps with PHP, .NET, Java, JavaScript, Python and Node.js.
• It can easily integrates with the IT environment, you are currently in, by means of the largest network of secure private connections, storage solutions, hybrid database, data residency and encryption features. Hybrid cloud solutions offered by Azure delivers you the best and more IT options within less cost and with reduced intricacies.
• Privacy and security of data is one of the prominent features of this cloud platform.
• It offers pay-as-you-go service, which can rapidly increase or decrease to fit your demand. This simply means, you only need to pay for what you are using.
• It runs on a global network across 22 regions, which is significantly more than the cumulative numbers offered by Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services. This fastest growing network provides plenty of options to run apps, thereby ensuring effective and efficient performance.
• It offers predictive analytics services, which redefines business intelligence, helping you to take smart decisions, enhance customer service and open-up new business possibilities.
• This Microsoft cloud is capable of handling any type of workload. Also, it offers enterprise grade SLAs on services, 24*7 technical support and all-time service health monitoring.
We, at Global IT Providers, offer supports and provides Microsoft Azure at a cost-effective rate to let businesses attain new heights of success with high productivity.

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