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Whether Want To Register Your Domain or Transfer It, We Made It All Easy For You

Author: Manpreet Kaur

Create your own identity in cyberspace by getting a domain name registered for your business!
Domain name is basically the unique identity, given to a particular business on the internet. In other way, it is the address of your cyberspace. Having your own domain name gives you a happy feel, quite similar to the feeling one gets by having the title deed of his newly purchased home in his hands. With a registered domain name, you will get both the credibility and the ownership in your pouch. Domain name is the identity of your business, and reveals so much about your website on the first glance. Therefore, it is necessary for a business to get right domain name registered, in order to create a good impression.
Getting a domain name is the first step for a business to mark its presence on the internet, and to create a good impact in the market. Domain name also greatly influence the success of your business functions/activities on the internet. There are certain advantages that a business can enjoy by getting a registered domain name.
• Builds credibility and gives a professional look to the website
• Gives a unique identity to the business
• Builds a brand repute in the market
• Give high profitability
• Helps you create personalized and multiple email addresses
• High ranking with more importance given to home page
In addition to this, domain name also creates a great impact on the search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing (SMM) of your business. From several years, search marketers and the SEO personnel are purchasing domains that comprise of targeted keywords, so that they can increase the CTRs and help businesses in gaining higher ranking on Google, Yahoo and other search engines. Also, most of the SEO strategists purchase EMDs (exact match domains) that exactly match with the targeted keyword phrase. Exact match domains, basically, provides two advantages:
1. Presence of keyword phrase in the domain, act as a ranking factor
2. Presence of keyword phrase in the domain, encourage other webmasters to take into account the keyword phrase in the anchor text at the time of linking to the website.
Global IT Providers offers various domain services that include domain registration, domain transfer, domain bulk registration, domain resell, and domain bulk transfer. We offer more than 100s of new domain to allow you to choose the right and the most appropriate one for your business. We provide easy, secure, swift and authentic transfer of the domain with no down time. We also let you to bulk register and bulk transfer your domain at a pocket-friendly price, depending upon the type of customer, country and the demand. Transferring multiple domains from GIP is fast and free from all security risks. Also, using our service, you can conveniently and smartly resell your domain and can make more and more money.

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