Select Your Preferred Cloud Hosting Plan

Choose from a wide range of faster and secure cloud server that suits your need

Datacenter Location

Processor RAM HDD Included Price
Single Core RAM 2 GB Disk Space 50 GB
  • Bandwidth 500 GB
  • IP Address 1

Rs 1299 -/ Month

Dual Core RAM 4 GB Disk Space 80 GB
  • Bandwidth 1 TB
  • IP Address 1

Rs 2000 -/ Month

Quad Core RAM 6 GB Disk Space 100 GB
  • Bandwidth 1.5 TB
  • IP Address 1

Rs 3000 -/ Month

Penta Core RAM 8 GB Disk Space 120 GB
  • Bandwidth 2 TB
  • IP Address 1

Rs 4000 -/ Month


Choose from a wide range of faster and secure cloud server that suits your need

Dedicated IP & Resources

Cloud hosting services work on isolated virtual instances. Hence, you will have complete control over all your limits and resources.

Instant Setup

Setting up a server is not something that can happen with a flick of a wrist. However, with cloud hosting, you will get instant activation that will have your website up and running super fast.

Integrated Caching

Cloud hosting gives you the chance to work with in-built cache manager that will make your projects quick and agile. This facet is extremely important because fast websites are directly related to higher search engine rankings.

Innovative Control Panel

With Cloud Hosting, you get a custom made, innovative control panel. In thus, you will find all essential tools under a single roof to handle your server with exceptional efficiency.

Top-Level Data Backups

The safety of your website is of great importance to us and Global IT Providers’ ensures the same with automated daily backups. Say no to loss of files.

Latest Technologies

Since cloud hosting is hundred percent managed, you can be sure that every new performance update or technology will be used to help you first.

Increased Speed

Being slow is for laggers. With Global IT Providers’ cloud hosting, you can be certain to have a website that is agile and runs smoothly. Thus, your customers and visitors are going to be happy and satisfied.

24×7 Support

If you think you are facing a problem, see again because chances are, we have already taken care of it. If not, we are just a call away.


Find Genral Questions' Answers

Built on cloud technology, Cloud Hosting is designed in such a manner so as to accommodate all the facets of hosting your business website. Since your business website needs to remain fast even during promotions or traffic surges, cloud hosting is the best in terms of scalability, flexibility and reliability.

While cloud hosting and shared hosting share a similar line to walk upon, there is still a distinct line of difference between them. Cloud hosting is widely considered to be a better option as compared to shared hosting because it offers better resources, better security, high availability, and increased ability to manager higher traffic.

There are many reasons that might lead to your website getting slow. Caching is a service with the help of which a website loads much faster. Global IT Providres will help your website fast and keep your visitors happy.

With Global IT Providers’ Cloud Hosting, you will notice considerable changes in your website performance. Being more scalable and faster, cloud hosting is bound to make it easier for you to focus on your business. Be swift and turn your time around for something more productive.

Getting started with cloud hosting is one of the easiest things you will come across. All you have to do is choose a cloud hosting plan as seen on this page as per your business needs and get in touch with us. It’s as simple as this!

Global IT Providers has been in the business for quite a long time now and the one thing we believe is thoroughly is working in good faith. While obstacles and problems can arrive, you can be certain that Global IT Providers will be there to help you out 24×7×365.

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With Global IT Providers, you not only get the satisfaction of working with the best web hosting company in Jaipur, but you get a complete package related to website hosting services and domain name registration services to help you create an effective and powerful online presence. Are you dealing with an old site that doesn’t work properly? No worries, because GIP is here to solve your old website problems too!!


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