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At Global IT Providers, we intend to help our clients grow their business with ease with the help of the finest products and services. With us, you will find yourself with the ability to grow because your website is going to produce the best ever results for you.

In this blog, we will be introducing Managed Hosting Services at Global IT Providers. Coupled with our VPS Hosting and dedicated servers, all you have to do is concentrate of enjoying your new found success, as we work in the background to give you all the support you need. Our server specialists are here to give you unprecedented offers and services in terms of technical support and customised solutions. Not only this, we also offer comprehensive management of server.

To pan out a few, our team of technical experts will fully take care of your server hardening, migration, server setup, monitoring, and everything in between. Our 24×7 services have long been one of the main reasons our clients have been happy with us for such a long time now. Every query and question are looked into and answers are provided to make the trust build.

Now that you know a bit about Global IT Providers, we are certain you would want to know a bit about what makes managed hosting services worth your while. To help you understand why you need managed hosting services in your business, here is a list of some of the benefits it has to offer.

Benefits of Managed Hosting Services

When it comes to managing business, we always tend to think about how to keep it going smoothly in the long run. Thus, the decisions to take today should be such that they prove to be beneficial in the long haul. Hence, while you might think that self-managed hosting is better due to its flexibility, there is nothing that can beat the benefits of managed hosting services over a period of time.

Our technology driven world demands businesses to be always at the top of their game to get the best results. Your business website is the medium that helps you the most in getting in touch with your audience and thus, its functioning should be smooth and flawless. With managed hosting services by Global IT Providers, you can be tension-free because all your server needs will be met and your servers will run effortlessly round the clock.

Here is how managed hosting services will be of help to you –

Security Services

  • Setup content recovery & local backup
  • Firewall rule configuration
  • Patching, server hardening & security audit
  • Process IP delist & email spam review

Server and Application Setup

  • PHP and MySQL version upgrade
  • SSL, PHP module & third-party installation
  • Server rebuild, web server configuration & site migration
  • DNS, server, FTP client and email client setup

Optimization Services

  • Advanced performance analysis
  • Database management
  • PHP configuration changes
  • MySQL and Apache optimization
  • Disk space audit & permission ownership

These are just the surface benefits of manages hosting services. However, choosing this service is good and useful only as long as you choose the best managed hosting services provider in India. And this is why here is a list of some of the top reasons to choose Global IT providers.

Why choose Global IT Providers?

Global IT Providers is the name that you can rely on for your web hosting and server management. As for web hosting plans, there is no name in the city of Jaipur that can outdo the kind of options that you will get access to, other than at Global IT Providers.

Here are some of the features of Global IT Providers that will make you want to enrol with us right now!

24×7×365 Support

Once you choose Global IT Providers, you can move about handling your business without any worries because our team of experts is highly proficient and is there to help you out 24×7×365. We are literally just a call away!

Free SSL on 3 Year Subscription

Choosing Global IT Providers comes with an array of perks, including getting free encryption SSL certification for an entire year. This will not only help you in improving your website security, but also your SEO presence.

30 Day Back-out Guarantee

In case you are unsatisfied with our services, we offer you 3 days back-out guarantee plus money back guarantee. No hassles, no more!


With Global IT Providers' data compressing facility, not only do you get a chance to reduce your server load but also to improve the performance of your server. This is sure to make your website more rapid!

Manage PHP

We are in a php7.x friendly environment, which will help your website by speeding it up and improving its loading time significantly.

Free Migration

Thinking about migrating your current website? We're more than happy to do it for free! All you have to do is ping us!

99.9% Uptime

Serve your clients without any hassles and in the best way possible because we are giving you 99.9% uptime.

Scalable Performance

Stagnation is not something we prefer and that is reflected in our flexible plan. Upscale or downscale your website hosting as per your wishes.

Manage Security

Nobody like interventions and our added layer of security will ensure that does not happen to your website. Our servers have the added layer of OS-level firewalls.


We hope this blog introducing Managed Hosting Services at Global IT Providers helps you gain better insight into the benefits of managed hosting services and how Global IT Providers is the best for the job.

If you are looking for more information on managed hosting services or any other IT services, then we are your one-stop destination. Read our other blogs to learn more!

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