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While every business is not different, there is still a unique line of intent behind each. Setting up a website is not a task for the faint-hearted because the kind of procedure that it takes is elaborate and full of steps that require precision. From deciding upon which design to pick to what content should it have and the kind of functionality that it should possess, the entire process of getting a website up and running is time consuming and lengthy.

However, prior to all of this, one important factor which should be weighed in and thought about is that what type of web hosting service to choose. If you are a developer, then you need to find out an answer to this question and getting to the point is equally important if you are the owner yourself. The right kind of web hosting service can make or break how you are presented to the world and that is why choosing it becomes essential.

As an advisor, you are the one in charge of guiding your client and you should do a great job at it too. Your client might not be a pro in the field and might not know how these technical things work. Thus, it falls upon your shoulders to guide them right, especially when it comes to finding out what type of web hosting service is the best for your client. There are a lot of factors which come into focus at different points and in different margins.

The size of the organization, the ultimate goal of the business, the platform which will prove to be the best for their future and needs of the business all need to be thought of and considered before you begin sieving out the types of web hosting service.

There are tons of different types of web hosting services. However, there are three which can easily be said to be the best and the most widely chosen ones because they are just so good. The top chosen web hosting services are:

  • Shared Hosting
  • VPS and Cloud Hosting
  • CMS Specific Hosting

Shared Hosting

One of the most commonly chosen web hosting services are shared hosting. Beginners or small businesses who are tight on budget or have low to medium traffic flow on their site should majorly choose shared hosting. If you are interested in getting your website up and running in a short period of time, then Shared Hosting is the one for you.

Pros of Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting has its share of pros and here are the ones you need to know about:

→ User Friendly

Shared Hosting is one of the best types of web hosting service because it is extremely user friendly. If your client is persistent upon managing their own website, then you should definitely suggest Shared Hosting to them since it is great for beginners. Its cPanel dashboard leaves it easy for the client to set up email addresses, install software, and add users.

→ Budget Friendly

One of the major reasons why small businesses and beginners prefer to choose Shared Hosting is because it doesn’t burn a hole in their pockets. It is the least expensive path to take your website on the internet. Also, as your website grows, you can move to a different plan.

VPS and Cloud Hosting

If your client’s business is a huge one with high traffic and footfall, then the best web hosting to choose is VPS and Cloud Hosting. Complex websites need a lot of backing up and a lot of space for themselves, along with privacy and that is why they should go with VPS and Cloud Hosting. The kind of customization and flexibility you get to Cloud hosting is amazing.

Pros of VPS and Cloud Hosting

VPS and Cloud Hosting offer a lot of pros but the one which is enough to pull you in this direction as an owner of a huge website with high traffic.

→ More Control

When compared between Shared Hosting, VPS and Cloud Hosting and CMS Hosting, the one which offers the maximum amount of control is VPS and Cloud Hosting. You need a website which is flexible and can be customized as per your needs. You need a web hosting server wherein you can install processes and tools as the need arises.

If you are looking for an answer to what type of web hosting service is the best for your client with high traffic, then VPS and Cloud Hosting is the answer.

CMS Specific Hosting

Similar to Shared Hosting in this light, CMS Specific Hosting is best suited for small businesses and websites that are built a supported CMS. CMS is a software that helps you manage and create your website, after which, can be installed on the web host account for maximum output and benefit.

Pros of CMS Specific Hosting

The list of the pros of CMS Specific Hosting is lengthy but are giving to give you the top ones here.

→ Easy to Scale

With a CMS Specific Hosting, you pay for what you use and need. You can scale the speed and the size of the server as per your needs, as and when the traffic starts to flow heavily. Thus, when your business grows, you CMS Specific Hosting grows as well.

→ Better Performance

The website’s users will have a great time on your site because your CMS Specific Hosting will give you the advantage of better performance.

The need to choose the right one!

As an advisor, you need to choose the right one. Find an answer to what type of web hosting service is the best for your client with this blog and help you client grow their website for the maximum ROI.

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